kompilacja mardula

The start of the Skyrunning Polish Championships has been divided into a hounored and a competition one. The first one will take a place from the entrance to the Sokół Cinema (st. Orkana 2). The participants will run through Galica Street towards the competitive start on the Krupowki Street (at the Sphinx restaurant level).
The competitive run will take place through the following streets: Krupówki, Władysław Zamoyski, Tytus Chałubiński and the Przewodnicy Tatrzański Avenue. From this point on we turn left and begin the already icon uphill run on Nosal (green trail). From the top of Nosal we move down toward the Nosal pass (green trail), then to Kuźnice and (yellow trail) through the Jaworzynki Valley to Między Kopami Pass. At this point we run uphill on the blue trail, which leads us to Murowaniec Shelter. We run towards the Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy (Black Caterpillar Pond). We turn onto the green trails and begin the steep and very dangerous uphill run towards Karb Pass. We take the blue trail and we run down towards the Czerwone Stawki. After passing them we commence another dangerous uphill (black trail) on Świnicka Pass. We traverse Pośrednia and Skrajna Turnia (red trail) and run down on Sucha Przełęcz. Here we face the slight uphill run to reach the Kasprowy Wierch summit. From the summit we begin with the risky and long downhill (green trail) towards Kalatówki; tens of meters in front of the hotel we turn right (black trail) on Ścieżka nad Reglami. We continue the run up to the first crossroads of the trails; we turn right and through the yellow trails we run downhill to the Biały Valley up to its end. Finally we take the easy downhill to the finish line and cross Droga do Białego, Grunwaldzka, Sztaszic and Plac Niepodległości streets. Here you can spot the finish line which actually makes you a winner!

The alternative route is as follows: once you reach the Czerwone Stawki at 13km (1698m) turn right towards the lower station of the Gąsienicowa lift (the route will be marked as black). Turn left by taking the green route and run to the Liliowa Pass. The pass is located at the 15th km (1952m)