Regulations of the Wysokogórski Bieg im. Druha Franciszka Marduła
and 7. Polish Skyrunning Championships

1.     Aim of the event

To commemorate of the Count Franciszek Marduła – the long-term chief and president of the Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne “Sokół” (Gymnastic Society “Falcon”) in Zakopane;
To emerge the Polish Skyrunning Champions;
To popularize and disseminate the concept of running as a widely available form of sport and recreation;
To promote Tatra Mountains, Zakopane and Tatra county.

 2.     The organizer

Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne “Sokół” (Gymnastic Society “Falcon”) in Zakopane.

 3.     Date and place

9th June 2018 (Saturday) at 7.00: honourable start at Gymnastic Society “Falcon” headquarter (st. Orkana 2 – in front of the Sokół Cinema); competition start at st. Krupówki (at Sphinx restaurant);
The closing ceremony at 15.00 in Sokół Cinema.

 4.     The race track

The route runs through the streets of Zakopane city and the Tatra National Park;
Since the route is taking place at the open road, the runners are required to move on the right side of the course as close to the edge of the road. In the Tatra National Park runners are obliged to run through the marked trails;
The runners that do not adjust to the requirements will be disqualified.

The start of the Skyrunning Polish Championships has been divided into a hounored and a competition one. The first one will take a place from the entrance to the Sokół Cinema (st. Orkana 2). The participants will run through Galica Street towards the competitive start on the Krupowki Street (at the Sphinx restaurant level).
The competitive run will take place through the following streets: Krupówki, Władysław Zamoyski, Tytus Chałubiński and the Przewodnicy Tatrzański Avenue. From this point on we turn left and begin the already icon uphill run on Nosal (green trail). From the top of Nosal we move down toward the Nosal pass (green trail), then to Kuźnice and (yellow trail) through the Jaworzynki Valley to Między Kopami Pass. At this point we run uphill on the blue trail, which leads us to Murowaniec Shelter. We run towards the Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy (Black Caterpillar Pond). We turn onto the green trails and begin the steep and very dangerous uphill run towards Karb Pass. We take the blue trail and we run down towards the Czerwone Stawki. After passing them we commence another dangerous uphill (black trail) on Świnicka Pass. We traverse Pośrednia and Skrajna Turnia (red trail) and run down on Sucha Przełęcz. Here we face the slight uphill run to reach the Kasprowy Wierch summit. From the summit we begin with the risky and long downhill (green trail) towards Kalatówki; tens of meters in front of the hotel we turn right (black trail) on Ścieżka nad Reglami. We continue the run up to the first crossroads of the trails; we turn right and through the yellow trailswe run downhill to the Biały Valley up to its end. Finally we take the easy downhill to the finish line and cross Droga do Białego, Grunwaldzka, Sztaszic and Plac Niepodległości streets. Here you can spot the finish line which actually makes you a winner!When adverse weather conditions, the course of the race may change (please adjust to the map).

There is a time limit of 2:00h at the Murowaniec shelter. It is 3.30h at Mount Kasprowy. If the runner does not pass the marked point, he/she will be disqualified.
There is a time limit at the finish line of 6:00h

There are many long run-ups and both steep and dangerous run-downs.

 5.     Standings

The main run is 32 km.

Individual classifications: general men and women / both in the age categories:

  • Junior female and male: 18 – 19 (born between 1999 - 1998);
  • Senior female and male: up to 39 years old (born between 1999 – 1978);
  • Masters female and male: 40-49 years old (born between 1977- 1968);
  • Veterans “I”, female and male: 50 – 59 (born between 1967 – 1958);
  • Veterans “II”, female and male: 60+ (born in 1957 and before);
  • Skyrunning Team classifications.

The results of team will be determined based on the sum of places of 4 best runners from the particular club or open classifications (the winning team is the one that has the smallest amount of total seats). The club’s membership is assigned by the name given in the notification before the event.

6.     General prizes

  • The runner that reaches the finish line first receives a Falcon statuette

a)     General classification

  • Places I-VI – statuette and material awards

b)    Age classification

  • Places I-III – material awards

c)    All the participants of the events will receive a commemorative medal and the diploma. They will also take part in the raffle for the additional prizes.

 7.     Skyrunning prizes

a)     General classification

  • I place – 600zł
  • II place – 500zł
  • III place – 400zł
  • IV place – 300zł
  • V place – 200zł

b)    Team classification

  • Places I-III – statuettes

c)    Age and gender classification

  • Places I-III – medals

 8.     Applications

The headquarter of the Organizers is placed at st. Orkana 2, phone +48 509 848 275

The runners must present their medical certificates stating there are no contradictions to participate in the run or submit a handwritten statement and proof of the insurance for the duration of the event (insurance must include participation in this kind of sport competitions). Runners have to pay the entry fee straight after they make their registration.

There are 10 entry slots to be obtained through the Skyrunning Poland application form – please submit your request at or under phone number +48 509 848 275. The deadline for the final application is 3rd May 2018.

9.     Charges

The fee is 55 EUR.

The bank account number is . The name of the beneficiary is TG Sokół Zakopane. The title of the submission is “Name, Surname, name of the event”.
IBAN: PL 88 1240 5165 1111 0010 5075 7175

The fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

The entry fee paid provides:

  • the ticket to the Tatra National Park,
  • Starting number,
  • Bag for the belongings,
  • Nutrition liquids and refreshments at the finish line,
  • Medical protection,
  • Running backpack DYNAFIT,
  • Medal (subject to the completion of the race accordingly to the rules),
  • Prices for the best,
  • Participation in the raffle for additional prizes.

 10.  Issue of the start numbers

Issuance of the start numbers and necessary running materials will be held at Zespół Szkół Hotelarsko-Turystycznych, st. Partyzantów 1/5 on 7th June 2018 between 17.00 -20.00, on 8th June 2018 between 17.00 -21.00.  On the 9th June the honourary starting line the numbers can be picked between 6.00-6.45.

11.  Final provisions

a)     The participation in the race is at your own risk (with the full knowledge of the dangers and risk arising from the nature of the event, which may include a risk to health, life and damage/losses of your belongings). Only runners with a valid medical proof will be granted the participation.
b)    Due to the difficulty of the route, the mandatory insurance is required. It is at runner’s own expense to possess the insurance against accidents in the competition like this.
c)    All the runners must have their starting number pinned on the front of the shirt.
d)    Runners taking part in the event without adjusting to the rules will be disqualified.
e)    The organizer does not provide free accommodation and do not assume any obligation to book accommodation.
f)      On the 9th June 2018 between 6:00-6:45 AM all the personal belongings can be handled to the deposit. The returns will be made based on the starting number. Losing the starting number releases the organizer of the responsibility of any loss or collecting by other person.
g)    Only written complaints will be accepted by the Organizer. The complaints are to be provided no later than 15 minutes after the races. They will be considered within next 15 minutes after notification.
h)    The event will take place regardless of the weather conditions.
i)      The Race Director reserves the right to make amendments in the rules. He will notify the runners before the start of the race.
j)      The Race Director may exclude anyone from the event unless adhering to the highest moral standards of fair competition.
k)    The decision of the doctors regarding the admission to the course (and its continuation) is irrevocable.
l)      Picking up the starting number is tantamount to the acceptance of the rules.
m)   The final interpretation of the regulations belongs to the organizer (with the consultation with the Chief Judge).
n)    Runners agree to the processing of their personal data for the internal need of the organizer. They also agree to use their image for the information and marketing purposes of the event.